Stay-At-Home Moms: Is Owning a Business Your Next Move?

Stay-At-Home Moms: Is Owning a Business Your Next Move?

This guest blog post was written by Leslie Campos of Well Parents , wehre they provide resources to all the moms and dads out there searching for ideas on being physically and emotionally well.

When it comes to work and family, women are often told they have to choose. Yes, managing both is always a balancing game, but it’s far from an either/or situation. More to the point, some types of parenting and forms of work sync together shockingly well. For example, stay-at-home moms might just be in the perfect position to run their own businesses.

If this appeals to you, Sandhills Entrepreneurship Engagement Network (SEEN) is here to help you get started. Here’s a look at how to tell if running a business will work for you and how to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Making Time for Business Ownership

If you’ve heard the common knowledge that business owners work far more than traditional employees, you might have trouble seeing how that can fit into the stay-at-home parent lifestyle. Although it’s true that some business owners work very long hours, it’s not necessarily a given.

Stay-at-home parents are, generally speaking, already supported by a primary income. This means that, as a business owner, you can set your own schedule and workload and reach your goals on a timeline that works for your life.

If, in the first few weeks of your business journey, all you do is research business structure during nap times, that’s okay. It’s not a race, and if that research time helps you decide whether or not you should register your company as an LLC, then it’s moving your business forward.

Finding Your Business Idea

The next step toward figuring out if you’re ready to start a business is finding a marketable idea. This means taking a look at your skills, passions, and interests and figuring out how you can turn those elements into something people need. Your career prior to parenthood is a great place to start, especially if you can use any of those skills as a freelancer.

If you’re not interested in sticking with your old career — even on your own terms — then you can also think about what you would like to do. Think big picture, then identify how your previous experience can get you there.

For example, say you used to work in social media marketing, but you’d like to run a coffee shop. If investing in a coffee shop isn’t in the cards right now, consider working as a freelance marketer focusing on coffee shops and roasters. This gets you in the industry, opens up doors and builds knowledge, and allows you to work and grow on a timeline that works for you.

Using Your Network to Thrive

When it comes to running any business, your network is always going to be one of the best tools at your disposal. Former employers, coworkers, friends, and family may be able to point you toward clients, alert you to opportunities, and give you the advice to reach your goals.

If your network isn’t particularly strong, you can also look into entrepreneurial groups and startup accelerators. Although it often costs money to join groups or use these kinds of services, your ROI will be well worth it. You deserve to go into this pursuit with every advantage available.

Running your own business can help you keep your career on track without giving up time with your little ones. It’ll be hard work, but remember to take things at the pace that suits your life. When you’re able to give your business more time, you’ll have a great foundation.

SEEN is here to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals. Contact us to get started today!

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