Networking for entrepreneurs and small business owners is happening all over, offering a number of opportunities to plug in to the community.

Photo credit: Cumberland County

Before you go to your next networking event, consider the following tips:

  1. Be prepared: Think about who you want to meet at the event. Have a plan, and ask others who will be at the same event to help you meet the people on your list. Once you have you your list, it is time to develop what you want to say. You’ll find tips on how to develop an elevator pitch at Business Know How.
  2. Be easy to talk to: Listen to what others have to say. Have a positive, upbeat attitude, wait for the right opening to enter into others’ conversations, and be present in the moment, actively engaging in the conversation.
  3. Be ready to follow up: Once you’ve made a connection, don’t lose it. Call, e-mail, or connect on LinkedIn with promising contacts the following day.
  4. Making the most of social media: Successful social networking demands professionalism as well as a heightened sense of self-awareness and value. Get tips on how to make your small business social media savvy.

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